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The Challenge of Major Projects

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The Challenge of Major Projects is a unique one week programme offering a stimulating opportunity for all those confronting the demands of larger or more complex projects to explore the factors affecting success, rarely dealt with in formal programmes.

Special attention is given to studying the success and failure of projects from the different perspectives of owners, contractors and others. It particularly concentrates on pressures and tasks in the early phases of projects and studies policy and strategic issues for successful major project development.

This highly-valued interactive programme has been running each year since 1986 and the programme is modified every year to maintain its relevance to current practice.

The programme uses case studies based on real projects which have proved especially challenging to management, providing an opportunity to explore both the detailed workings as well as the basic principles of the initiation, management and delivery of major projects.


"What a fantastic opportunity to networkwith leaders in their fields.
The quality of the presentations and workshops was excellent and presented the delegates with capability to learn and tap into a wealth of experience."
– CMP participant