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19th - 20th September 2018

36th Annual Conference: Pulling together - building a common future to thrive in an uncertain world

Annual Conference

Latimer Conference Centre, Chesham, Latimer Place, Latimer, Chesham, Buckinghamshire HP5 1UG

This year’s annual conference will build upon the event last yearwhich considered how we might future-proofing our sectors from the uncertainties and ambiguities we face. The event will be a call to arms, celebrating what we do well and co-creating an “elevator pitch” for members and other stakeholders in Major Projects. This event will suit senior individuals with a strategic overview of their projects or organisations.

In today’s world of advanced technological change and sustainability, Major Projects will have to battle for talent and investment; to respond with speed to issues that are more complex and with a wider reach than ever before. People want to move fast and reach new destinations with ease, people want to act sustainably and help our planet, people want transparency and easy access to information. The voice of consumers is strengthening and organisations need to adapt to new trends instantly in order to stay competitive. We need to come together to do things differently and offer a compelling proposition with ground-breaking solutions. This conference aims to identify and celebrate our strengths as well as identifying where (and how) we can do better as a community.

The conference will bring leading experts from various industries together to build up a common thinking on how we need to do Major Projects differently to thrive in this new era.

There is no charge for this event for individuals from member organisations.

This event is not bookable online
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