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17th October 2018 at 12:00 pm


Half Day Seminar

Institution of Civil Engineers, London, 1 Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AA

Major projects are risky places to work. Engineering, construction and defence projects always include physical risks, which can be magnified by the location of the site. Our understanding of the psychological impact of stress on an employee motivation, performance and physical health is growing and, whilst transformation projects may not pose the same risk of physical injury, the pressurised environment, often tight timescales or resource constraints can generate dangerous levels of stress, particularly if sustained.

Creating and managing a workable wellbeing policy is complex. The policy needs to recognise the nature of major projects and the need for employees to perform under pressure and in difficult physical environments. On the other hand the project owner must never trade off the health and safety of employees or indeed contractors or suppliers against the commercial needs of the project. The upsides of an imaginative approach to wellbeing include a positive working culture, motivated and safe employees, an organizational structure that is resilient and open to critical feedback and an employer brand that is a source of competitive advantage. The downsides are all risks: risk of accident, litigation, reputational damage and chronic underperformance.

The Major Projects Association seminar on Wellbeing explores the significance of good occupational health on project performance and the correlation between poor health, poor judgement, risky behaviour, error and rework. The panellists offer insights into the challenges and examples of successful wellbeing policies from across a range of sectors and environments.

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