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10th July 2018 at 12:00 pm

Knowledge Management

Half Day Seminar

HS2 Snowhill

Whilst we aspire to deliver more and faster the reality, within major projects is that the speed of complexity and change is now outpacing our ability to learn from what’s happening. Initiatives such as the Olympics 2012 and Crossrail Learning Legacies are wonderful resources that allow us to learn from the past, but we need to develop new skills and new processes to learn from the present and from each other.

Knowledge and Learning in Major Projects builds on the work of the Major Projects Knowledge Hub to explore three aspects of learning: Explicit Learning – the structures, processes and systems that enable us to capture and disseminate what we know about the engineering and technical aspects of major projects delivery. Tacit Learning – the social structures, behaviours and technology that help us to share what we believe, feel or know intuitively about managing large teams and large emerging projects and Social Learning – the experience of learning in the moment from interacting with, listening to and watching how those around us approach everyday tasks and more complex challenges.

Learning from mistakes, from success and from innovation is one the unrealised areas of project performance as we remain fated to reinvent the wheel, repeat and relive our painful experiences with each new project. At this event we will hear the experience from some of our leading project organizations; draw on advice from pioneers in the use of social and collaborative tools within the enterprise; and experience the power of collaborating and knowledge sharing in a large-scale peer assist session. All designed to help us break this cycle of non-learning.

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